Ken Carlson from the web series Dead Drift

web series Dead DriftThe Web Series Dead Drift

Jeremy Talks to Ken Carlson creator of the web series Dead Drift. They talk about Ken’s background in filmmaking, and Star Trek.

I have been off my game a bit so I babbled more than I usually like to.  This did allow us to talk about Masters of the Universe and Star Trek.  So it probably all came out in the wash.

The Web Series Dead Drift is a science-fiction comedy web-series that launched October 6th 2015. All 16 episodes are now available.


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Want To Sell Your Stuff At A Convention? Read This Comic First

Getting ready for your first Con as a vendor/Artist?

This comic/post from will help you get ready.

ready for your first Con as a vendor

Thinking about getting a table or booth at a comic book convention, but don’t know the first thing about selling your wares? This comic is a handy primer for anyone looking to sell at a convention for the first time.

Source: Want To Sell Your Stuff At A Convention? Read This Comic First

The Greatest Movie Ever, until…. by Andrea Peterson

Greatest Movie Ever

The Greatest Movie Ever, Until I See It
by Andrea Peterson

Hype. It’s everywhere, for everything. It’s been Back-To-School since the last firecracker exploded on the 4th of July. The reds and greens of Christmas will start popping up in stores before the first trick-or-treat candy has been unwrapped. Presidential nominees began campaigning before the Commander in Chief signed himself into office for another 4 years. And then, of course, there are movies. Thanks to social media, every film out there starts documenting the process the second pen touches paper.

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Batman Cosplay Breaks World Record – Meet the Record Breakers

An incredible Batman cosplay adorned with 23 functioning gadgets has earned its owner the world record for the Most functional gadgets on a cos-play suit.
The innovative creation appears in the new Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2017, out on 8 September.
Created by special creature effects expert Julian Checkley, the ingenious gadgets are concealed and attached to the Batman suit.
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Episode 99 A Focus on The Original Captain Marvel

CaptainmarvelA Focus on The Original Captain Marvel with Jeff Wright of

I am  a fan of the “Big Red Cheese” AKA The Original Captain Marvel since the 70’s.  I hoped to have someone on who really knew the character, Captain Marvel.  Due to this I was excited when I met Jeff from He agreed to come on and tell us about Captain Marvel and his history.
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97 Geekish Cast Meets The Joe Moffett Show

Joe Moffett ShowGeekish Cast Meets The Joe Moffett Show

When I first started podcasting I made several attempts to record episodes by myself.  Then I realized this is too difficult. But there are a handful of podcast hosts who can do it without a problem.  That is why Geekish Cast had to meet the Joe Moffett Show.

Week after week for more than a year Joe Moffett does what I could not.

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Episode 96 Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman

Bigfoot SwordBigfoot with a broadsword

A few weeks back Paul V. texted me while I was at an event with my wife.  The message “Bigfoot plus Conan plus Flash Gordon” and a link to Bigfoot Sword of the Earthman.

After we finished our social engagement we headed home and I bought a digital copy of the book.  When I was sober on Saturday I read and re-read the comic and loved it.

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GC 95 Suicide Squad and Cat Roberts of Star Trek Continues

Suicide SquadGC 95 Suicide Squad and Cat Roberts of Star Trek Continues

This episode is going out a bit late.  Wednesday, August 10th was my birthday. It is also the day my sewer line backed up into the house and ruined my birthday.  Before all of that happened I had planned to see “Suicide Squad” and to interview Cat Roberts from “Star Trek Continues” and I wasn’t going to let a sewage problem keep me down.   Continue reading