Episode 107 Dominic Davi Musician and Artist

Dominic Davi Episode 107

Punk  Musician Comic Creator and Graphic Artist Dominic Davi

I met Dominic Davi at Modesto Con.  It was shortly after my Sam J. Jones recording fiasco (yes it still hurts).  he was the first recording made after i realized that Sam’s interview didn’t record.  Dominic was a blast to talk to and we shared a love of horror films.  I knew I would have to invite him to come back.

We talk movies, comic books, and marketing.

Of course, I do ask how a punk rock musician starts making comic books.

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The Shepherd creators Andrea and Roberto Molinari

Shepherd creatorsThe Shepherd creators Andrea and Roberto Molinari


Jeremy talks to graphic novel The Shepherd creators Andrea and Roberto Molinari.  A father and son writing team from Florida.

They discuss the genesis of the story “The Shepherd: Apokatastasis”.  How the went about writing, illustrating and getting it published.

They also wax poetic on theology and mythology in the process.

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GC105 Classic Comic Con 2016 with Joe and Mark

Classic Comic Con 2016GC105 Classic Comic Con 2016 with Joe and Mark

Jeremy chats with Joe Cahill and Mark Davis the fellas behind Classic Comic Con 2016. the discuss geekdom, fandom and steampunk. The main focus is the guests attending Classic Con this year and what goes into landing them.

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Stockton comic book writer and artists Sean Miller

stockton comic bookStockton comic book writer and artists Sean Miller

I spoke with Stockton comic book writer and artists Sean Miller after meeting him at Stockton Con.

I had read the first issue of his series “The Original” and was taken by his unique art style.  It reminded me of C.C. Beck and manga art at the same time.  I knew I wanted to talk with him right away.

We also Debut our new theme music courtesy of “Reign of Zaius” this episode!

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How a movie gets made with Trevor Cornish Episode 103

ghostpuncherHow a movie gets made with Trevor Cornish

Jeremy talks with Director Trevor Cornish. They talk about how Trevor got into filmmaking without attending film school. Trevor is working on a movie called “Ghost Puncher” and we also talk about how a movie goes from idea to finished movie.

“One man, three ghosts, two fists.”
Ghostpuncher is the story of a single father and his son who move into a house that is EXTREMELY haunted by three spirits known as The Collombelles (a mother and her two daughters who were serial killers in 1897.)

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GC102 My Two Roommates the Web Series

My Two RoommatesMy Two Roommates

I talk to Cory, Jen, and Callum from “My Two Roommates” a web series entering its second season.  My Two Roommates is about 3 people living together, who probably shouldn’t.

A comedy series created for the web.  My Two Roommates is also a crash course for the creators in making a web series.  We discuss the show, and how it came about.  Being from Canada we delve into the differences between our two countries.

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Episode 101 Valente Ochoa creator of Indie Comics “M” and “Chaos Inc”

Valente Ochoa creatorValente Ochoa creator of Indie Comics “M” and “Chaos Inc”

Jeremy is joined by Valente Ochoa creator of indie comics. They talk about his comics “M” and “Chaos Inc.”. Valente also tells us how he learned to make comics. Valente also tells us what it took for him to self-publish.

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Ken Carlson from the web series Dead Drift

web series Dead DriftThe Web Series Dead Drift

Jeremy Talks to Ken Carlson creator of the web series Dead Drift. They talk about Ken’s background in filmmaking, and Star Trek.

I have been off my game a bit so I babbled more than I usually like to.  This did allow us to talk about Masters of the Universe and Star Trek.  So it probably all came out in the wash.

The Web Series Dead Drift is a science-fiction comedy web-series that launched October 6th 2015. All 16 episodes are now available.


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